Map to Genesee Lodge
Map to Genesee Lodge
Genesee Lodge No. 174 F.&A.M.

Regular Communications are on the 1st Wednesday of the Month except July and August
Dinner at 6:00 p.m.
Lodge Opens at 7:00 p.m.
Flushing Masonic Center
349 S. Seymour Rd.
Flushing, MI 48433-2619


Under the Jurisdiction of the
Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Michigan

A Brief History of the Grand Lodge of Michigan

Freemasonry in Michigan was organized in 1826 and was operating several years before our State was admitted to the Union. However, Freemasonry, as we know it today, dates its formal beginnings to the 17th century.

Therefore if you petition, and are accepted, you will become a member of the oldest fraternity in the world.

While we cannot claim that Freemasonry came to the Great Lakes area on any specific date, we know that it was first brought to the area by the French at a time when it was Indian territory. The earliest documented Lodge west of the Allegheny Mountains was warranted in Detroit on April 27, 1764, by George Harison, Provincial Grand Master of the Provincial Grand Lodge of New York, with Lt. John Christie of the 2nd Battalion, 60th Royal American Foot Regiment (British) as Worshipful Master. By 1772, there were at least three Lodges functioning at Detroit: Lodge No. 1 and two Irish Military Lodges, Nos. 299 and 378, warranted to Masons of the 10th Regiment, then stationed at Detroit. The next three Lodges warranted for work in Michigan were also started by members of the visiting military. These were Harmony Lodge in Detroit, St. Johns Lodge No. 15 on the island of Mackinac and Zion Lodge No. 10 (now No. 1) warranted in 1794 for work in Detroit.

Many events are recorded in the well-kept minutes of Zion Lodge but perhaps the most momentous occurred in September of 1817 when the Lodge provided much needed support for the newly-created University of Michigan: The idea first took shape in the minds of Augustus Woodward, a Mason and the first Judge of the Territorial Supreme Court; the Reverend John Monteith, a Presbyterian clergyman and Father Gabriel Richard, a Roman Catholic Priest.

On September 15, Zion Lodge met and subscribed the sum of $250 in aid of the University of Michigan, payable in the sum of $50 per year. Of the total amount subscribed to start the University two-thirds came from Zion Lodge and its members.

The members of Zion Lodge sponsored and supported additional Lodges in Upper Canada and Michigan including Detroit Lodge No. 337 (now No. 2), Oakland Lodge No. 343 in Pontiac, Menomenie Lodge No. 374 in Green Bay (then a part of the Territory) and Monroe Lodge No. 375 in Monroe. These five Lodges laid plans for a Grand Lodge in the Territory to handle the growing plans for Masonry in the area, and in June of 1826 a Grand Lodge for the Territory of Michigan was established in Detroit

A Brief History of Genesee Lodge No. 174

Genesee Lodge No. 174 was chartered on January 11, 1866, with eight members. Its first worshipful master was John B. Hamilton.  Before Genesee Lodge No. 174 was chartered there was Genesee Lodge No. 23.  Genesee Lodge No. 23 was chartered in 1849, but surrendered its charter in December of 1854. A new Lodge, Flint Lodge No, 23 was chartered in January of 1855 and took jurisdiction of the books, papers, and members of the now former Genesee Lodge No. 23.  Genesee Lodge No. 174 was chartered 10 years later and its first Worshipful Master was also Flint Lodge No. 23's first Worshipful Master. The particulars of why the first Genesee Lodge surrendered its charter and two new Lodges created, one immediately and the second 10 years later are lost to history.  What is known is that Genesee Lodge No. 174 and Flint Lodge No. 23 shared brotherly love and fellowship thereafter.

In 1999 Genesee Lodge moved from the downtown Flint Masonic Temple in downtown Flint to the Flushing Masonic Temple where it meets today along with Flushing Lodge No. 223.

To put Genesee Lodge's age in perspective below are a few milestones throughout History.

1820 - Antarctica is discovered

1826 - a Grand Lodge for the Territory of Michigan is established

1837 - Michigan is admitted as the 26th U.S. State

1849 - Genesee Lodge No. 23 F. & A. M. is Chartered

1854 - Genesee Lodge No. 23 F. & A. M. Surrenders its Charter

1855 - Flint incorporates as a City

1865 -  "Wild Bill" Hickok kills gambler Davis Tutt in a shootout in Springfield, Missouri.

1865 - Civil War ends (8 months before Genesee Lodge is Chartered)

1865 - Genesee Lodge No. 174 is given dispensation to form a Lodge and meets under dispensation.

1866 - Genesee Lodge No. 174 is Chartered

1866 - Notorious outlaws Frank and Jesse James rob their first bank in Liberty, Missouri.

1867 - U.S. acquires Alaska from Russia for the sum of $7.2 million.

1867 - Nebraska is admitted as the 37th U.S. state.

1868 -  Wyoming is organized as a U.S. territory.

1869 - Union Pacific meets Central Pacific making the first transcontinental railroad ("the Golden Spike")

1876 - LTC. George Custer's regiment is wiped out by Sioux Indians under Sitting Bull at the Battle of Little Big Horn

1876 - Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone

1877 - Flushing Incorporated as a village

1879 - Thomas Edison invents incandescent light

1886 - Statue of Liberty is dedicated

1903 - First Airplane flight

1908 - First Model T is produced by Ford

1918 - World War I Ends

1928 - Penicillin is discovered by Alexander Fleming

1945 - World War II Ends

1957 -  Mackinac Bridge is opened